There is no shown side effects to being on the Alcachofa diet. It works by speeding up metabolism helping the body use the fat that is stored in the body. The antioxidants rebuild cells and protect them from breaking down. This product also helps flush out unneeded waste from the body. If you have any other health issues it is always smart to consult a doctor before using any dietary substances.

What exactly Is Alcachofa?

Alcachofa is made from the extract of the artichoke leaf, stem, and root. Alcachofa or “artichoke extract” is being primarily used today as a natural way to help and maintain weight loss. Its other health benefits include lowering blood pressure and increased liver function. Alcachofa is also very high in antioxidants, which plays the main role in detoxifying the body.

What are the alcachofa side effects?

Alcachofa increases metabolism which increases the bodies need for water. Being thirstier is the only side effect of taking Alcachofa. If you do notice any adverse side effects stop taking and consult a physician.

What is the process of taking Alcachofa?

The most common way to take Alcachofa is in liquid form. It comes in packages of different amounts of vials. This can be mixed with juice or taken on its own. You take this daily, preferably in the morning with a small meal, just like a multivitamin. Alcachofa also comes in tea form. With its antioxidant properties this is a great supplement instead of drinking sugary sodas. The last way to take Alchachofa is in pill form. This would also be taken like a multivitamin. Daily use of Alcachofa is the best way to take advantage multitude of its health benefits.

 How fast can I expect to start seeing a difference in weight loss?

With a good diet, people who start using Alcachofa can start seeing results within two weeks. Like any diet the results are based off of the individual.

Can I drink energy drinks or weight supplements while taking Alcachofa?

Yes. There are no side effects or negative effects to taking energy drinks or weight supplements while taking Alcachofa products. However, every drinks may be filled with sugar which will inhibit weight loss.

Is there a problem if I drink alcoholic beverages while taking Alcachofa?

There is no evidence showing that drinking alcoholic beverages while taking Alcachofa has any negative effects.

 Can I take Alcachofa if I’m pregnant?

Consult your physician before taking any products while being pregnant.

 Does Alcachofa have caffeine?

Alcachofa does not contain caffeine, but taking this product along with a healthy diet should increase energy.

Can I do physical activity while on Alcachofa?

Yes, if your doctor says you’re physically fit enough for physical work out you are encouraged to do so. Physical activity can only help what the benefits of what Alcachofa can do.

Where did Alcachofa come from?

Alcachofa is made from artichoke. This vegetable has been used since egyptian time. It has a huge range of health benefits. Like stated earlier it helps reduce fat, control cholesterol and cleanse the body.

Again, always consult a physician before taking any new supplements or starting new diets. Alcachofa products are not tested in conjunction with all ailments and diseases. Read all labels for use before taking any product.